Quick Answer: Is International City Dubai A Good Place To Live In?

How far is international city from Dubai Mall?

14 kmThe distance between international city and The Dubai Mall is 14 km.

The road distance is 20.1 km.

How do I travel from international city to The Dubai Mall without a car.

The best way to get from international city to The Dubai Mall without a car is to line 50 bus which takes 45 min and costs AED 5 – AED 9..

Is International City good for family?

Best areas for families with children Based on these factors the top 3 areas for families with children are Emirates Living, Silicon Oasis, and Jumeirah/Al Wasl/Um Suqeim. On the other hand, International City was rated as the least suitable area for children.

What bus goes to international city?

Local Bus RoutesBus IDFromTo300International City Shuttle ServiceInternational City Shuttle Service365Al Rashidiya Metro StationInternational City366Al Rashidiya Metro StationDIAC -Silicon Oasis367Etisalat Metro StationInternational City.Via Rashidiya MS44 more rows

What is the postal code of International City Dubai?

00000UAE and its states including Dubai does not have any zip codes or Postal Code. Sometimes it is necessary to write zip code of Dubai then 00000 is used as.

What are the 3 world cities?

Global Power City top 10:London.New York City.Tokyo.Paris.Singapore.Amsterdam.Seoul.Berlin.More items…

What are some international cities?

Top 100 International Tourist Destination Cities By CountryRankCityCountry1Hong KongHong Kong2SingaporeSingapore3BangkokThailand4LondonUK96 more rows•Jan 24, 2015

Which international city is building a pilot?

The construction of an electric road to charge public transportation vehicles will make Tel Aviv-Yafo the first city in the world to roll out this type of technology for charging buses on a wide scale.

Does Dubai Metro go to Festival City?

The Dubai Metro does not connect directly to Festival City. The area is easily reachable by taking a bus from the Emirates Metro Station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro.

What is Dragon Mart?

The Dragon Mart Dubai is fondly known as the Dragon Mall in Dubai. It is, in fact, the world’s largest trading hub of Chinese products outside mainland China.

Which cluster is best in international city for families?

So procuring authentic ingredients from around the world is never difficult.England cluster in Dubai International City is one of the best clusters in the International City for families.When it comes to nearest metro stations Dubai International City, there are many where you can park your car too.More items…

What is international city?

An international city is an autonomous or semi-autonomous city-state that is separate from the direct supervision of any single nation-state.

How do I get to Dragon Mart by bus?

How to Get to Dragon MartTake the metro and stop at Rashidiya metro station (red line).Walk to the bus area and take Bus 366. Stop at Dubai Textile City Main Gate.Walk towards the mall.